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We go to great lengths to make sure that all of our furniture looks good today and retains its looks in years to come.

For quality craftsmanship and experience, gained over 25 years of making Chesterfield furniture in England - we believe you won't buy better than our furniture. We are the original Chesterfield manufacturer and have led the market where many now follow. All our hand-crafted furniture is guaranteed.

Only the finest quality leathers are used in the making of our furniture.

tradition & quality

built into every piece

All our furniture is hand-crafted with exceptional care.


Our Tradition

All our furniture carries a 5 year guarantee, 10 years on frames.

why buy from us?

guaranteed furniture

Nationwide Delivery

We offer delivery throughout the UK - wherever you are, your new Chesterfield sofa will be delivered direct to your door at a time that suits you.

Beautiful Colourways

We have a stunning array of colours for you to choose from, or we can use material supplied by you if practicable.

Value for Money

We don’t have the overheads associated with a string of high street showrooms - we sell direct to you from the factory cutting out the middlemen.


For quality craftsmanship and experience, gained over 25 years of making Chesterfield furniture in England - we believe you can't buy better.

made in england

With the exception of the very finest grade leather, we won't accept imported materials - our leathers are sourced here in the UK.

Safety compliant

Safety is as important as comfort so all foams used in our furniture are fully fire safe meeting the British fire safety standard (BS 5852).

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This iconic piece of furniture has stood the test of time but there is a lot of mystery surrounding its creation.

The myth of the Chesterfield sofa begins with rumours that it was first produced in the 1800s. The Oxford English Dictionary seems to back up this theory as they claim that the word Chesterfield was used in England during this era to describe a leather couch. Nobody really knows what the real date of discovery is, but there are plenty of people who have speculated about this famous sofa.


It is believed that the first person to commision a Chesterfield sofa was a British aristocrat named Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield. He was a famous diplomat, statesman and writer but was above all known for being a trendsetter who loved tasteful interiors. Therefore it is not surprising that he created a sofa that is the epitome of timeless style. According to tales about the Chesterfield, Stanhope requested that a local craftsman create a piece of furniture which would allow a gentleman to sit comfortably without creasing their garments. This explains why the sofa has deep buttoned upholstery, rolled arms and an equal back and arm height. The first Chesterfield sofa also had the quilted leather upholstery and low seat base which we are so familiar with today.

The Chesterfield's life continued when Stanhope decided to hand down his creation to his godson, Mr Dayrolls. Once he had passed away the chair was taken to Dayrolls' home and he was struck at how the years of wear had only made it look more attractive. It is then said that many other aristocrats admired the sofa and commissioned craftsmen to create similar designs. This then established the Chesterfield sofa as a piece of British history.


This leather sofa might have started its life in the homes of the British aristocracy, but it would soon be enjoyed in places further than the Gentlemen's Clubs of London. Some say that the sofa was then exported to the colonies of the British Empire by the Royal Army and was known across the world as an example of British heritage. The USA, Canada and Australia were among the few places that were graced with the presence of the Chesterfield.

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